Thursday, 29 November 2012

Pangolin Sports Personality of the Year

Yes, it's that time of year again, and after what's been an amazing twelve months of sporting achievement, it's your turn to vote for your favourite 2012 sporting personality.  Of course, here at Pangolin HQ, we've kept our sports editor, Brenda Ripething, hard at it, spotting the front runners....

Here's what Brenda thinks...

'Well Bob, who can forget Ronnie Smallbone, captain of Tottenham Wanderers, hero of a tense Cup Final against Sir Alex Sourpuss's Manchester Excited?  Ronnie scored the winner as Wanderers ran out, victors in an epic 19-18 battle.

Smallbone just never gives up. Here's that dramatic picture of him getting cramp inside the area. A definite contender.

And, of course, everybody's hearts were in their mouths as Dipthong McCoy, the pride of Pinner, waited anxiously for the scores to come in at the end of what turned out to be his gold medal winning 500m Freestyle Lurk.  Said plucky Dippo, "Well, I've been lurking for years in and around Pinner, but it's so nice to do it in public."

Scotland swept the board at Wimbledon this year, and here the victorious Isle of Mull Ladies' team serve up some aces.  A great outfit including, far left, the conjoined McPhew triplets and on the right, doughty one-legged captain, Elsie Hopper.
And let's not forget motor-racing - lots of fans out there!

This year's World Champion is fiery Eddie Splean, the Anglo-Irish-Inuit speedster in his 23,000cc Spermicelli. Eddie's seen here in typical mood, at the start of the final Grand Prix, refusing to wear a flat cap like everybody else.

So let's get those votes pouring in!  Remember, it's the usual address, and don't forget your bank details and PIN number!'

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