Wednesday, 14 November 2012


  1. Dear Mr Pangolin,

    I should like to be introduced to the lady in this photograph. I can pay handsomely, in cash.

  2. Dear Mr Nerd.
    Do you have a brother ?
    I'm very sorry, but the lady in the cartoon in question [you'll note CARTOON, not PHOTOGRAPH]is a close friend of Mr Noel Ford who acts as her business manager. Please contact him for further details. I would add, however, that I tried that very thing, having been captivated by her strange unworldly beauty, a few months back. Mr Ford tells me that she, and I quote, "went apeshit", escaped from her bunker and terrorised several villages on Mr Ford's own ride-on lawnmower.

  3. I have several brothers. Thirteen to be precise, and I keep them lined up in the pantry. As they are not an even number, the formation is not at neat as might be desired.

    The lady in the photograph sounds lovelier by the minute.


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