Friday, 9 November 2012

On this Day...

10 Years Ago

Plumber Lionel Ferritt promised the present writer to ‘be round Tuesday’ to make good the damage done to ballcock and cistern during a previous repair. No further sign of Mr Ferritt has been recorded since.

60 Years Ago

Children clad as violets and daisies lined the avenue of Soking Towers near Bedford to receive the traditional Poore Soddyes Bountie of two sweets and one hatpin, established by ancient charity in the reign of Edward IV and distributed each year on St Hildagurt’s Day by members of the Soking family. Lady Lavinia, with bull mastiff in tow, accompanied the 14th Lord down the line, sharing a joke or pat on the head with several children along the way. The ceremony closed with the traditional Hurlyng of Shillyngs into the Armada Drum held by Lady Lavinia.

30 Years Ago

Popular DJ and local broadcasting personality Les Seedie was Master of Ceremonies at the official opening of a new Kipper Tie ‘n Platform Shoes retail outlet close to the centre of Barnsley. ‘This will give the local economy a much-needed boost for decades to come,’ said Mr Seedie, as he gave a helping hand to Lady Mayoress Doris Rowbotham, pictured (p12) snipping the ribbon.

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  1. I agree with the grafitti outside Seedie's flat.


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