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Gustav Wancre 5/5/21 - 5/11/12

Friend and confidante of the composer John Cage, Wancre bore an uncanny resemblance to the American maestro.  Often, when spied by passers-by as they strolled the streets of Boston, people would  say, "There go a couple of Wancres".  Like Cage, Wancre was passionate about music which didn't have a tune. He said in an interview with Joan Bikewell on BBC2's High Minded Bollocks programme in 1985, "My stuff is like, cerebral and I certainly don't want people whistling it."

Sadly, Cage and Wancre fell out after the first performance of Cage's Four and a Bit Minutes of Silence piece, with Wancre claiming that the last two minutes were his.

Wancre leaves thirty-two children and a tortoise.

Dame Ellen seen here just prior to the demise of an
un-named Gestapo Officer during an especially
robust foxtrot.
Dame Ellen Pudding 12/4/25 – 6/11/12

Created a Dame in 1977 for her services to her country, most people of her generation knew that this referred to Ellen Pudding’s hugely secret activities behind enemy lines during WW2.
The teenaged Ellen Pudding stood 6feet 5inches in her stockinged feet and weighed in at over 18 stones. SOE watchers in her home village of Fiddler’s End soon singled her out as a possible secret weapon. Late in 1944, using a special quadruple parachute and equipped with a suitcase full of diaphanous gowns, she did indeed drop behind enemy lines and rapidly established herself as a nightclub dancer in Paris. Massively popular with German officers, Dame Ellen single-handedly squashed to death at least twenty three high ranking Nazis. R.I.P.

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