Sunday, 25 November 2012


Angus, Laird of Cromarty, Minches and German Bight.  23/7/21 - 1/11/12.

Known locally, and not without affection, as "The mad wee bastard in the big hoose", Angus died as he chose to live, surrounded by his beloved Brillo collection.  A world-acknowledged expert in scouring, Angus McEyebroo inherited at an early age and dedicated the rest of his life and not inconsiderable fortune on getting aluminium pans really clean.


  1. Dear Mr Pangolin,

    I should like to be introduced to the gentleman in this photograph. My brother Obadiah will be able to pay handsomely, in cash.

  2. G'wan! He looks like Salman Rushdie!

  3. Such is the Fatwah. It IS Salman Rushworth !


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