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 Plenty of folk dropping in... and out...

Fashion and Leisure Sophie Brophy reports on self-catering abroad

Yes, I know! Self–catering? What on earth is THAT? When I go abroad, the mag pays for everything and I like lots of flunkeys and I absolutely refuse to stir from my mews studio for anything less than five stars (preferably Michelin ones), and certainly not in scruffy places like Spain. Me? I’m a Maldives Maid and no mistake!

Anyway, I was sent slumming to the Costa del Something the other week on a plane full of angry babies and parents who’ve never heard of birth control to find out more about these strange poor people who holiday abroad on the cheap, in somebody else’s pokey villa. 

I quickly realised that the best way to describe this very odd activity was to sneak a peek at The Visitors’ Book. All the villas have one and the huddled masses love writing in them...


  1. Hi ! Penny and Guy here ! Thought we'd better update all our clients. Our beloved villa at Cala Boncres is for sale. It was a really hard decision to make especially after all our time spent there and the lovely holidays the old place has made possible for so many people down the years.
    As you probably know, Cala Boncres is looking to the future which, like it or not, lies in cheap bars, tattoo parlours and pole dancing.
    We already have several prospective buyers including Miguel who so recently owned the local supermercado sadly destroyed in the mysterious blaze associated in the insurance adjuster's report with our damaged curtains. No matter - Miguel has great plans for the villa, involving lots of mirrors and cctv.
    We'll keep you posted
    Penny 'n' Guy.

  2. My name is Maria Antonio Escobar. I am new Mayor of Cala Boncres. I am seeing all the letters of Pennynguy villa. Villa was ugly and without people many months. So is now car-park.
    M Escobar


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