Friday, 25 January 2013

On This Day

Six Years Ago

Two members of Rolling Stones Tribute Band Strolling Cojones were released by Sussex Police with a caution, having been found in possession of suspicious substances that could be passed off as counterfeit drugs. Items confiscated included 3 small sealed paper wraps marked Travelodge, containing white crystalline matter identified in laboratory analysis as sugar. Also removed was one Mars bar long past its Use By date.

Eight Years Ago

Signs of economic downturn brought the threat of fresh redundancies to workers in the East Midlands employed in the bicycle wheel components industry. Unions representing all links in the supply chain voiced solidarity in the fight to save jobs. Members of the Guild of Brakefitters called for an immediate halt on plans for cutback, while colleagues from the Handlebarmakers’ Union said the industry was being steered in the wrong direction. Spokespersons for the Alliance of Rimforgers and Hubwelders stated that they were diametrically opposed to what was happening around them, adding, ’we’re all in this together.’

Fourteen Years Ago

A small but loyal band of members gathered for the Annual General Meeting of Wolverhampton Whalewatch to review sightings and reports for the previous year. There were no sightings in the previous year.

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