Friday, 25 January 2013

British Exiles at Large

Well, here we go! In these chilly times, how many of us have not longed for warmer climes?  The Pangolin investigates. No paid-for travel gurus here folks. Oh dear me no! Just the frank opinions of ordinary working or not people about extraordinary places. Dave’s Big Society let loose around the world.

First off, but not necessarily in that order is FRANCE, profiled here by Gary Purseglove, 17. A student at the Jet Harris Academy, Walthamstow, Gary is specializing in House Raves 1985-97 and lists his hobbies as hangin’ and that innit.

“I bin to France it was a school trip it was cool like on a ferry thing. The French wot we saw were cool an talked real cool like on telly Mr Finch took us to art gallrys and that I got Matisse on my iPhone and Gaz Pinnock got off his face. He was sick on the ferry and got suspended.”

Thanks, Gary.

SPAIN has long been a second home to thousands of Brits looking for that sun –soaked lifestyle. Says Mrs Pauline Glint, one time resident of Glossop, Derbyshire... "Graham and I had been regulars at the Sol at Feungirola for years. We loved the homey atmosphere and English food and all the other English folk there although there was one Welsh couple who got up our noses but then they weren’t English were they? Anyway,when Graham retired from Grommets UK, we decided to sell up and move out here. There was nothing to keep us in the UK when our Amanda was off our hands and Laddie had passed over so we signed up for a one bed Maisonette with communal pool every other Wednesday and window box. That was ages ago and its still not finished. We get the bus down to see it sometimes – its behind the brewery that’s just been built and Pepe who’s in charge says it’ll just be a bit more manana then we can move in.

It’s a bit frustrating, but we’re cosy enough in the tent and still pop into the Sol for the bingo on Tuesdays.”


  1. You have spelt Fuengriola wrong.
    Pauline Glint [Mrs]

  2. Dear Mrs Glint,
    So have you.

  3. But we've been coming to Fungrenolda for years!
    Pauline Glint [Mrs]

  4. The reason your villa is apparently unfinished is because you are looking at the wrong one, in the wrong location. Yours is situated in Frenriolua and has been empty for so long that a family of Spanish trout fishers has moved in and claimed squatters' rights.


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