Thursday, 3 January 2013

On This Day

Five Years Ago

Winner of the Scrotby Women’s Institute competition, this month on the theme of Strangest Thing in Your Garden, was Joyce Snottles with her husband Keith.

Fifteen Years Ago

As the curtains met in the Village Hall on the last act of Potterton Players’ ambitious production of Aida, the lights came up to reveal not a single person in the auditorium. Describing the audience as very disappointing, Guildhall-trained producer Ronnie Laverstock was quick to praise his large cast, small orchestra and backstage army of helpers. ‘They’re all stars,’ he said, ‘troupers to the last.’ And the show went on.

Seventy Years Ago

Scientists working on the top-secret Neocol Programme in New Mexico gave first news of their breakthrough discovery of a new colour, previously unknown to science. Known only by its code-name, CQ239v is believed to be invisible to the human eye but an important player in the vision of goldfish. Writing in Aquarium News, Dr Ernst Schwieghandler warned the world to expect within ten years new developments in colour technology that could revolutionise engineering, medicine and the game of snooker.

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  1. Well I never ! I was at school with Joyce Snottles nee Gimpshifter. I remember she sat next to Minnie Pont who smelled of wee.


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