Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Pangolin Stupid Box - No.1

According to some folk who know about these things, a ticket to watch a Chelsea away game costs £70. That’s SEVENTY! pounds. And such is the tribal nature of the true supporter, the club has no problem selling them. Given the obscene level of footballers salaries, I suppose clubs must do this to make ends meet.

But here in the Pangolin office this morning, as staff were huddled around the warm telly, we heard something which made Chelsea sound positively cheap.

It's to do with golf. For the uninitiated out there, golf is a sport involving a little hard ball, small holes, a playing area the size of Montenegro, metal sticks and a human. The little hard ball gets whacked by the human using a metal stick so as to get it into one of the little holes. Least whacks wins. The little hard ball has to go into one of the little holes in order – one to eighteen – so whackists must walk miles between holes. Or drive in little buggies. Very few run.

Sound like fun? Well it is for one golfist – a very pleasant-looking self-effacing Irish chappie called Mc Illroy who is a successful professional whackist and announced today that he was changing his sticks from whatever he used to use to some made by Nike. Here comes the jaw–dropper. Mr McIllroy’s deal with said company is worth £44, 000 (forty-four thousand) PER DAY! Come on! That’s way beyond obscene. 

It merits its very own Stupid Box.

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