Sunday, 17 March 2013

On this Day

Three Years Ago

Self-taught amateur ornithologist Arnold Throstle of Tring published details of all the birds visiting his garden in the forty years since he first moved in. As explained in accompanying notes, the list includes many unusual species and rare visitors to Hertfordshire, some of them such masters of disguise that their presence could be verified by call-song only. These included –
stoned curlew
flied piecatcher
bearded twite
spectacled twite
pink-footed phalarope
whiskered twite
blue-kneed dotterel
short-tailed tit
Sardinian twite
Belgian twite
Arctic cassowary
crested hen fumbler.

One Hundred and Fifty Years Ago

Minor poet Patrick Hatrick was born in Quorn. He went on to write three books of verse, some quite bad, some a bit worse.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Scientists engaged on the top-secret TWANG Project (Targeting Weapons and Noiseless Gunnery) at Tufton Down announced a major breakthrough in their research efforts focused on the use of elasticated launch systems deploying industrial-strength rubber bands. Six years into the project, the Director of Pelletary Engineering (sporting a thick bandage over one eye) was well satisfied that much had been learnt from experimentation with small-scale trials in a closed environment.

Two Years Ago

Colourful tales of Cavalier lovemaking (‘spirals of steam rose off his hot flanks as she lay gasping on the fetid straw…’) delighted members of the Exmoor Over Nineties Book Circle when historical novelist Daphne Rollover came to give readings from her latest publication, ‘With Lance at the Ready’

The evening closed with a surprise visit by members of the St John’s Ambulance Brigade, called in to help out with proceedings.

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  1. Some years ago my sister, whilst holidaying in Cagliari, was propositioned by a Sardinian twite.


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