Tuesday, 19 March 2013

For Sale - Double Yellow Lines (faulty)

Glossop and District Council had decided to put in double yellow lines along Cock-a-Hore Road (where the seasonal parking used to be) in order to prevent congestion.  I decided to try it in my bedroom, but the pile of dirty clothes, old newspapers and takeaway cartons is as bad as ever.

I now offer for the sale the double yellow lines;  they are clearly non-operative, but may be useful to an enthusiast for spares.

Only £40.00 for the pair.

Delivery:  Free;  local pick-up only.


  1. How long are this lines? Are they value for money? How faulty are they? Any good to stick to a Mini to make it go faster?

  2. I'm delighted that someone's interested in these lines, as it cost me £1500 to get a council workman to paint them for me, and another £500 to make sure he didn't tell my mum.

    Each of them is 50' long, and enough for several minis. Given that they didn't help with static objects, they probably would make a mini go faster.

  3. Well? Haven't you had long enough to think about it? There's been a lot of interest in these lines, you know!

    Why, Beatty Lombard from No.32 (the traffic warden) could hardly contain his excitement when he realised they were available, but unfortunately he can't go to the asking price - so I'm awaiting your response before I take this further.

  4. I have a badly broken-down Vauxhall Chevette which, in the interests of authenticity, could be parked on these yellow lines. I would accept £100 ono.

    1. No room in my bedroom, mate, but you could always contact Mr Lombard. Just think of all those parking tickets he could issue... he'd be in seventh heaven (whatever that is).


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