Tuesday, 12 March 2013

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Twenty-Three Years Ago

Continuous heavy rain could do nothing to dampen spirits at Pocklethwaite’s annual Festival and Fun Day. At an early stage of proceedings the decision was taken to move the event from the vicarage lawns to the curate’s front room. In view of the weather a few of the outdoor attractions did have to be cancelled, including the pony rides, bouncy castle, tug of war, marching band, crockery smashing, competitive races and planned displays of country dancing by the Doris Maybole School of Terpsichore. There was face-painting for the children.

Nine Years Ago

Guest speaker at the Glumsdyke Bright Hour Club was retired postman Alf Crumples, who delighted his small but enthusiastic audience with hilarious tales of deliveries made to wrong addresses. After thirty-four years on the same round, the speaker was promoted to regional supervisor with the job of supervising deliveries in the region. Among his other duties was the organisation of the annual staff dinner, along with the daily distribution of rubber-bands on designated pavement areas. 

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  1. I used to live in Glumsdyke and I remember Mr Crumples very well. In his declining years he was still a keen speaker and often used to converse with a mountain ash in our front garden, resulting sadly in the death of the tree.


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