Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Familiar Pangolin Staff as Juveniles. (1) Dr Peter Whimbrel

The above photo shows Dr Peter Whimbrel in his immature form; it was before colour TV was invented and people still lived in black and white.  His parents, Skulduggery and Miasma Whimbrel, were nevertheless delighted that he had managed to power a single lightbulb by the simple expedient of attaching a dynamo to his pet rat's exercise wheel.  His invention of the treadmill followed soon afterwards, long before anyone had thought of making him a doctor.

As you can see, he was as much of a nutter then as he is now, though his distinctive tapir-like proboscis was only in its formative stage.

He is shown here trying to grow the fingers of his fingerless gloves, using only the power of his personality and his funny little squinty eyes.


  1. I notice that the young Whimbrel has one foot slightly larger than the other, a problem I know from personal experience and which can cause double -purchasing in shoe shops, as well as a tendency to walk in long slow circles, left unchecked.

    Hertzog Kamelhump

  2. Well spotted, Herr Kamelhump! It's also a little-known fact that they're different shapes, too, and boots of this nature are necessary to pad out the gaps left by the foot that's nearly normal, and the other - which mostly closely resembles a small waffle-iron.


    P Whimbrel (Dr)

  3. I think he's contemplating how many shades of grey there are.

  4. Well that's all very philosophical Chokran, but that's not what we're about , is it ? Personal insults are our stock in trade around here. So get a grip, eh ?

  5. Please accept the most sincerest of apologies, Anonymouse, you old fart.

  6. I don car about all the tecnicle nit-picking. I just whish I coudl dror like that. Its cool.


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