Sunday, 24 February 2013

Some more Pangolin followers...

...Though they're too shy to add themselves to the list on the right hand side.  OK, that and the Pangolin staff couldn't be arsed to make up fake contact details for them either.

Anyway, our new found friends are none other than the Glossop and Crump Fell Silver Band
(left to right)
Oh, and the gentleman seated, far left, Mr Oswald Fannie, isn't a member of the band and merely sat down for a bit of a rest.
Where was I... ah, yes...
(left to right)
Bloke in topper – Sir Edgar Ffinch (patron), Harold Cramp, Claude Cramp, Billy Cramp, Freddie Mountjoy, Tom Bowler, James Bowell, Alfred Grone, Humphrey Minge (second topper), Arnold Pantleg.
Oswald Ferrett, Moses Halfacre, Cornish Complin, Rupert Sneeze, Bertie Funknettle, Thomas Newt, Jamie Diggle, Harry Testicle, Albert Gloopwood and Jeremy Bum.
Septimus Cramp, Bartleby Fiddlestick, Penry Fotherington-Thomas, 'Whiffy' Lavender, Gwydr Penfossil, Germain Silverfish, Walter Kronk, Seamus Dugong, Bobby Lemmings, Julius Phart and the little one, whose name nobody can remember but who smelt of wee.


  1. I believe this is a case of mistaken identity. Albert Gloopwood (middle row, second from rt), who married a cousin of my neighbour, was tone deaf and could never have sounded a right note in his life. It was his brother, Arnold Wolfgang ('Gobbo'), who was the musical one in that family. That and ferrets. I only once ever heard the GCSB play. On second thoughts, maybe you're right after all.

  2. You're right!

    It is indeed Arnold 'Gobbo' in the photograph and not Uncle Albert. He was such a one, Uncle Albert. Thought that by pretending to be a musician he'd get to 'pull birds' (I believe that's the correct expression) and he'd muscle in wherever he could. The only bird he ever pulled was a pigeon with one leg who flew into the windscreen of his 1957 Renault Dauphine.

    That is, apart from your neighbour's cousin.


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