Friday, 22 February 2013

On This Day

Twenty Years Ago

Villagers took to the street of Poltriddle in Cornwall to celebrate Mouldy Thursday with the traditional marching band and throwing of pasties. There was face-painting for the children.

Eighty-Two Years Ago

In a wireless broadcast to the nation Professor E M Stroab of Cambridge explained, with some amusing examples, how study of the Social Sciences could directly influence our plans for the economy and future approaches to government spending. Thus, it was possible to extrapolate from present-day social trends underlying changes that might have profound consequences for manufacturing and the import of raw materials. He could imagine a day, for example, when hats might be worn in public only on formal occasions. Instead, all men and women, regardless of class or gender, would put on a cap when leaving the house. This was the kind of brave new world that the entrepreneur of today should already be planning ahead for.

Thirty Years Ago

Members of the Keep Britain Untidy movement were out in force around Peterborough and surrounding countryside, putting on a show of litter to brighten every verge and hedgerow. At an awards evening held in the Civic Centre car park, prizes were given to top distributors in each district and the prize-wrappings released into the air.

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