Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Your pad or mine?

Can anyone imagine legendary chancer George Frogsborne (see pic, below) as anything other than a bit of a pooper at a party?  Well, think again as his former mistress, Bertha Payne, prepares to unleash her revelations...

Bertha - who also uses the name Bertha Pang - has been pictured with Frogsborne in the same room as a pile of white powder. He swears blind it is icing sugar, and when questioned more closely about coke, repudiated all allegations. "Of course I don't use coke. I tried it once and it made me burp - and with a vocal chamber the size of mine you can imagine the repercussions two counties away."

Ms Payne claims that Frogsborne has "been on all fours before me, taking massive amounts of drugs as I whip him senseless."

Frogsborne claims never to have met her before, and totally repudiates the claim made by some left-wing newspapers that his ritual humiliation gave him the inspiration for the swingeing cuts and other types of pain he has inflicted on the rest of us. 



  1. He's a good lad, my Georgie. Good to his Mum he is and no mistake. He'd never do nothing like what you say he has.
    Mrs E Frogsborne [81]

  2. My Mum says I have to ask you to plese remov the man with the tody body as it is givng me nigtmares becaus it reminds me of Goege Osborne who is realy scary

    Thomas Benjamin Pants [8]


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