Sunday, 13 October 2013

Interestingly, a letter from a follower abroad:

Ellithin Pangolin,
G’han Naafhanga mot loosery loosery threrk. Bimmick araher bimmick! Montoolie fenge orcanpetz flayb. Ah fleyb, fleyb Shrigley, fleyb, fleyb. Mot d’haha schminge pitoon loosery. Yal, mot orcanpetz fenge!


Gorumbar Hefti


  1. Gosh, I'm sure that's the same person that left a message on my answerphone this morning. What an extraordinary coincidence.

  2. Ellithin Pangolin !
    Torqy flibs, torqy flibs ! Ha! midoodle quelchor vippy ung caption betti. Pons flarbo, pons flarbo !
    Hefti xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Ha ! Pagnilon !
    Ignooz verbetty gongwong flibs noyo torqy flibs ! Bunootie !
    Dr. G.W. Brillo-Phentoom.


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