Monday, 23 September 2013

Pangolin Poetry and Archaeology. And Anthropology.

Eons ago, on the walls of Altamira,
Worked cave painters Ted, and his squeeze, lovely Vera,
All jokes were visual, as they toiled day and night,
These graphic pioneers hadn’t a clue how to write.


  1. Dear Mr Pangolin,

    I should like to be introduced to the lady 'lovely Vera' in the photograph. I can pay handsomely, in cash, and shall also require protection from that man - who appears to be something of a Neanderthal.

  2. Again, sadly, your very kind offer must go unanswered. You see, both the people in the picture are imaginary. They are both also dead.

  3. That is of no consequence; I often indulge in fantasy people. I particularly have fantasies about the politicians portrayed on Page Three of The Sun. Neither do I have a problem with the fact that they're dead. If anything it will make that man more tractable.


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