Monday, 30 September 2013

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Five Years Ago

A one-day symposium in Oxford for leading philosophers from around the country was cancelled when the three keynote speakers for the conference found themselves unable to agree what exactly was meant by 'October 5th'. Or 'Oxford'.

Twenty Years Ago

A production of 'Romeo & Juliet' performed by Scrope Valley Strolling Players ended prematurely when the two actors in the lead roles eloped at the close of Act III Scene IV and were then seen hopping on to a bus into Droitwich. Maintaining theatrical tradition that the show must go on, producer Neville Pooke leapt into the breach, along with props manager Trevor Groyne, two torches and a pair of scripts, for the continuation of Scene V, in Juliet's Chamber. The decision was then taken to abandon the play on grounds of Health & Safety, given the number and nature of the missiles being thrown by the audience.

Fifty Years Ago

In line with local custom, the bells of a Dorset church rang out 508 times, once for each resident, to summon all villagers on to the green for the annual Distribution of Crusts. The ceremony was attended by Lady ffoulke-Mee and the traditional thimble of milk from the Home Farm Dairy was awarded to Maisie Porgle, 94, of Home Farm Lane. Winner of the straightest carrot was Ernest Eazwold, who received his certificate from the Hon Lavinia ffoulke-Mee.

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  1. I was at the Scrope Valley Players' performance and was caught behing the left ear by a hurled corgette.


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