Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Seagull

Female human thoughtfully throwing bits of fish for gulls. I catch one, but get distracted by sight of Carlotta-with-a-lot-to-offer sitting on harbour wall. Drop fish on bald head of male human. It bounces off and lands in his lager. He glares daggers at thoughtful female human and looks as though he's about to get up and be aggressive. I 'squeeze one out' on his newspaper and that distracts him for now.

It was only the Daily Mail anyway.

Had shouting match with Biffo and Ged at about 4.30am (I won). Boot flies out of window of No.48 (first floor flat) and joins pile already there. Mostly non-matching.

What a gas!


  1. As one of these flying rats made off with my dentures last weekend, I really must protest at your weak attempts to present what in fact is a world wide plague as funny.

  2. Funny you should mention that. I found a set of dentures on my front balcony, next to a pot of geraniums. They've come in very useful ever since, and I didn't know who to thank.

  3. The dentures that is, not the geraniums.

  4. Does Cassius really need a higher porpoise?
    A.N. Other Anonymous


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