Tuesday, 3 September 2013

On This Day...

Two Years Ago

'A Life's Work' was the title of the illustrated talk given by founder member Raymond Snuddy to a gathering of the British Car Numbers Collectors' Club meeting in Daventry. Wide-ranging and exhaustive, the talk was interrupted at two points when calls went out for fresh supplies of drinking water and for a simple-to-use resuscitation kit.

Twelve Years Ago

At Salisbury Magistrates' Court a Wiltshire man was found guilty and fined £200 for entering his neighbour's garden and causing actual damage by the imposition of crop circles on separate patches of potentially prize-winning carrots, spinach and chard. Darren Pibble, aged 28,002 in Xoron years, refused to recognise the jurisdiction of the court, stating he was from the Planet Zlorg.

Twenty Years Ago

The long-awaited clash of the titans between Codford St Mary and Hanging Langford brought a thrilling finale to the West of England Half-Rings Series held in Wimborne. Having won the opening turnover, Codford led off with a bold challenge to the Langford half-brace which was ruled admissible only after lengthy discussions between umpires and verderer. Two substitutions and a moment of folly left Langford on rummy with one hold as decider. Then at fourth spin-off, with back-advantage and one turnover in hand, Codford bagged final victory with a brilliant ball-grab snatched from thin air. For Codford the open-top bus, for Langford painful defeat and time for a re-think.


  1. The one turn-over always does it ! Well done Codford !

  2. That £200 fine imposed on Darren Pibble would have been cheap at twice the price. You should have seen what he did to my water bed.

  3. Really ? What with ?

  4. He uses a variety of vintage agricultural implements and instruments of torture to obtain his crop-circle type installations; suffice to say that my water bed was useful only for bunting (and that of a rather haphazard kind) after he'd finished with it.

    I'll see if I can find some photos of his tools.

  5. Yes please. And "bunting"? Is that some sort of robust agricultural activity ?

  6. "Bunting" Hehehehehe (titters).

    I'm too shy to say.


  7. P.S. I found the photos, by the way.


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