Wednesday, 4 September 2013

More Pangolin Poetry

Pablo could draw when he was a lad,
Then joined Cubism, a bit of a fad.
'Yes, it's all gone wonky', said winsome Paloma,
'I suspect a touch of early onset glaucoma.'


  1. I strongly suspect that Picasso in this instance started with a different model who, at the time this photograph was taken, had nipped off to get a burger and fries. She was well known for her unusual complexion, and her parentage (her father was a flatfish of some description) accounted for the distinctive deployment of her ocular organs.

    The lady in the picture thinks she's waiting for the No. 159 bus to Purley.

  2. My name is Picasso
    And I can't half paint
    When ladies see my pictures
    Most of 'em faint.

    Ted Huge


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