Wednesday, 26 December 2012

On This Day

(Intrepid Pangolin reporter, Rupert Besley, delves into the archives - possibly for the last time in 2012)

Five Years Ago

In a surprise move attracting criticism from all quarters, villagers from Lubberthwaite in Yorkshire voted for withdrawal from the United Kingdom along with immediate opt-out from the European Community. In a further vote, carried in the Parish Council, war was declared on Bercy-les-Mouffles in France and Bad Dinkheim in Germany, both previously twinned with the West Riding village. Go-it-alone Lubberthwaite (motto, ‘Do It For Thy Sen’) had at the last census a population of 573.

Twelve Years Ago

Large crowds packed into the small Somerset village of Combe Zoyland for Pip Apple Day. With five ambulances in attendance and two fire appliances on standby, casualties were down on previous years as locals got through the day’s events, which began as ever with the Blossom Dance and Crowning of the Tipsy Queen and ended with the traditional de-bagging of the vicar.

Four Years Ago

Local protestors lay in the road at Lubberbeck Bridge to halt the convoy of lorries heading north to Lubberthwaite with supplies of Anderson shelters, blackout material and possible munitions. An ultimatum was issued from Lubberthwaite, currently at war with Europe.


  1. Oddly, my dear mother had a brief fling with Bud Dinkheim,in Bad Dinkheim saxophonist with Joel Spon's Rhythmeers, when the band was entertaining occupying forces in 1946.

  2. Really ? So did my dear mother, but in Morecambe, not Bad Dinkheim. In fact, my aunts tell me that mummy was friends with most of the band here and there, including the late, great Joel Spon himself.

  3. That is indeed a strange coincidence. My mother, too, had a brief fling with Bud Dinkheim - but in Margate. In fact, I also have a large red nose and slightly protruberant teeth and eyes (one of which moves independently of the other), just like Mr Dinkheim. That was in 1952, however, and nothing was ever proven.

    P.S. Who is the lady in the series of photographs under the 'Thought for the Day' heading? I should like to be introduced to her.

  4. That is Dahlia Dinkheim, one of Bud's 23 grand daughters.

  5. 23 grand daughters? Yer behind the times, mate! Last count there were at least 72, 34 grandsons and several werewolves.


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