Monday, 10 December 2012

On This Day

Eight Years Ago

The Big Cat spotted on several occasions roaming wild country on the edge of Exmoor was formally identified by a panel of Big Cat experts as Big Tiddles, owned by Mrs K Johnson of Withiel Florey.

Two Years Ago

In a series of televised lectures given from his Caribbean hideaway, Lord Cuttles of Barbados delivered an urgent plea for better education in schools and a greater understanding in the world at large of the value of art in modern society.

Fifteen Years Ago

Fog in the Solent threatened to cause the cancellation of the all-important play-off between Wroxall and Lowtherville in the title race for champions of the Ventnor District Rings League.


  1. Are you sure that cat's Big Tiddles? It looks remarkably like one I lost recently, by the name of Massive Moggie.

  2. How do you LOSE a cat that size ?

  3. It was chased away by an even bigger cat. Tried to take a photo but couldn't get all of it in.

  4. I find a wide-angle lens invaluable when snapping especially large felines. However, another thought occurs; might you have inadvertently hit the "t" key instead of "r" whilst typing ? They are immediately adjacent. And I note that the original missing item was called "Massive Moggie". MOGGIE is the affectionate name given by owners to their Morris 1000s i.e., MOGGIE 1000s. Quite possibly the trauma of losing such an iconic vehicle unhinged your mind and you mistook the orange and yellow Big Tiddles cat for your car.


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