Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Just in case you were still looking for a toaster

Connor! Tyler! Corey! Blake! Shawn! Are YOU a hip'n'happnin' kinda guy? Does your hair pop up in a little tuft at the front? Do YOU call males AND females "Guys"? Have YOU got a name that was popular in 1993?

Wanna to-die-for NEW APP?

If itz YEAH! to all the above, you're just the sort of impressionable dope we're looking for.

Turn your smartfone into a MINI-TOASTER now, and just watch all those babes gettin' naked just for YOU!

Simply send all your personal details, PIN numberz etc to: Dikeadizu.com.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Sirs and Laydes,
    I am the Peruvian clutural attachment in your beaufitul London town and I am urged to bring your esteamed attentions to a typografical error in your excitings advertisement about a toaster app for smartfones. PIB stands for Peruvian Institute of Banjoists. You are meaning PIN I think.
    Yours sincelery,
    Snr Antonio Fnaari.


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