Sunday, 23 March 2014

"He does this every year, but I can tell you from personal experience - there's not much under that lot!"


  1. Is that a Bradshaw's Hoopoe ?

  2. That's Bradshaw's Hoopoe, but Watkins has got one too. So has Ponsonby. And that's just in this village. Thinks 'e's something special but he's about as cool as Baloo bear dancing in a grass skirt.

  3. You surprise me. These other Hoopoes - are they full hoopoes or half hoopoes ? I have in mind the famous and unusual Hoopoe Hump of some years ago when a considerable number of full hoopoe cocks nesting near Glossop, focused their amorous intentions on a large flock of Orpington hens, this action resulting in several score of Hoopingtons, or Orpoes. I'd be most interested if anyone can cast light.
    Yours etc.,
    Alison Squatt [Mrs., 39]

  4. Nobody cast light. That's why those lascivious birds were able to carry on their carnal activities undetected.

    Very exciting, too.

  5. Eggbert Eggebert indeed ! I think its about time people started using their real names around here !
    Drumhead Threepscreedler.


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