Thursday, 6 March 2014

30,000 year old virus comes back to life!

An ancient virus has "come back to life" after lying dormant for at least 30,000 years, says Prof Anna Prongg.

It was found frozen in a deep layer of the Siberian permafrost, but after it thawed it became infectious once again. Well, for a little while at least.
It got up, stretched and yawned a bit and then settled down to read the paper. Then it caught sight of a picture of Ian Duncan-Smith, was heard to yell "Bugger that!" and leapt back into the permafrost.


  1. Understandable really. I have recordings of some of his shorter speeches, which when used in conjunction with camomile tea, is highly effective against insomnia.

  2. In an attempt to find out if political talk affected inanimate objects, I played recordings of Mr Duncan-Smith's speeches to several fruit bat turds. Within seconds, all turds began twitching in an agitated fashion and one appeared to be weeping.
    Dr Angela Madasa- Boxafrogs
    Porton Down.


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