Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pangolin Gossip

 Pangolin Award Winner, Gertie Balloons, has just caused scandal by dressing up in a bin liner with holes cut in strategic places and wiggling her ass in public. The ass has been impounded by the RSPCA, but this has not deterred the singer/actress/model/brainless sleb as she promotes her latest album, Norks on the Wild Side.

Gertie Balloons' 'scandalous attire'
Balloons (20, 30 or 48, depending on who you believe) is particularly keen on the new phenomenon known as 'Twonking', where you make movements suggestive of acts normally carried out in private - such as cleaning out your ears with a cotton bud, and removing crab lice.

She then posted pictures of herself on the social networking site, FaceFlannel. These caused consternation partly because of her scanty attire and partly because she is known for having a body type tending towards the spherical, and the offending photos were far more of the hourglass type. Significantly, her face isn't visible, and the rumour mongers think it isn't her at all.
One of several controversial FaceFlannel
pics - is this Gertie at all?

Or has she used a stunt double?

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  1. Dear Steve Wuss,
    A good mate just tolled me that that thing as you done on Pagnolin about Gerty Balloons is not true and I was like omigod an I seen the pictcure that you shown and I was like omigod. Grety Balloonz is one of my absolute an total faves an I was like omigod. Getry i snot like what you made her with big rough tities an bandey legz an that an she is SO kool in real life an she is a real heroe an roll moddle to young poeple I bet you are like really old like 30 or somthing.
    Ashleigh Plaque [14]


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