Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Letter from Dragvonia (we don't get too many of those)

Dearly Mr Pagnolin,
                                     Onkel Bippi is here and  bring always you greetings from Dragvonia House of Carton to all cartonists with in our heart love.
Here in Hose of Carton all we are beliving in power of carton not guns. Dragvonia have many guns and many cartonists. Sometime more, sometime less, depend on Secret Police.
                                        House of Carton invite you enter Dragvonia House of Caarton Grand Carrton Contest. Please to chose one of below subjec.

[1] “ Funy Side of Ethnic  Cleansing”
[2] “Tesco Wages Poor But They Love Me Anyway”
[2] “ Miroslav Grolbutzikov is Animal”
[4] “ What To Do With Mental Patients”

Please to send to me at sectreting adres : Avenue T34 Tank
                                                                                  Skrib Nodol 12786397
First Prize; Golden Flak Jacket of Fun and 37 million viggis
Second Prize; 10 million viggis
Third Prize; A Big Kiss from Onkel Bippi

Also, Peoples Prize, decided by Secret Police.


  1. Hug grittings Pignolan!!

    Here trans-border Herzgovanian we do bigger much contest, we having bigger fun, bigger gons, bigger cartons always bigger viggis. Dragvonia pfooitsch. Onkel Bippi go hang.

    Friendly cordials,

    Orgasmo Tourismo,
    Novy Skrotes 5987333/b

  2. From the Office of Damian Henstooth, Secretary to the Friends of Dragvonia Society;
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am instructed to protest in the strongest terms at your offensive representation of Dragvonia through your allegedly satirical Dragvonian Cartoon Contest recently published on the Pangolin Blog. It is most obviously anti-European and comes at a time when Dragvonia is making every effort to align itself with the European Community, especially in terms of Human Rights.
    I am further instructed to demand a full retraction and an apology at the earliest opportunity.
    Your faithfully,
    Damian Henstooth

  3. My lady wife and I have been to Novy Skrotes during a bicycling holiday. It rained and we were given powdered egg.


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