Saturday, 24 August 2013

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Fifty Years Ago

Reunited with their families were a young couple from Cornwall who had left their respective homes in the early hours of Sunday with the intention of eloping to Gretna. However, two days of train delays and missed rail connections soon turned high spirits into frustration, recrimination and anger. Finally, engineering works on the line at Didcot caused the unnamed pair to re-think their future. On reaching Birmingham, they travelled home, in separate carriages.

Sixty Years Ago

It was reported that Government boffins working in Wiltshire had achieved an extraordinary breakthrough that could profoundly alter our understanding of the laws of physics. Pending the outcome of talks at the highest level, no further details could be supplied at the time of writing.

One Hundred Years Ago

Archaeologists in Wiltshire were forced to abandon work on a site near Salisbury when excavations of three barrows and an underlying henge failed to yield the hoped-for signs of treasure trove. Blaming grave robbers for the absence of precious finds, team leader Fortinbrass Hudspole declared the site null and void, ordering that it be ploughed over and re-instated as farmland.

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  1. Fascinating as ever, and if I might make so bold, I can add a little here. There is an old Saxon word, "Hengemoan" which refers to the disappointment experienced by grave robbers who arrived second.
    P J Whimbrel


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