Monday, 29 October 2012


The death, in Wiesbaden, at the age of 121, is reported of Count Karl Vonnguturn-Krasch-Bang-Wallop, one time advisor to von Zeppelin.  It was Vonnguturn who, upon hearing that the gas von Zeppelin was using in his airships was dangerously volatile, suggested porridge.

After leaving Zeppelin's employ Vonnguturn joined the emerging German army and was decorated during the refurbishment of his local headquarters.

Defeat in 1918 shattered him.  He is quoted as saying '****ing hell!  We lost!'  And spending his remaining 80+ years squandering his considerable inheritance on edible false teeth.


  1. Little has been written in Annals of Authority about the role of porridge in the development of Light-Than-Air (LTA) flight. This is because in its non-gaseous state porridge, like concrete, is Heavier-Than-Air (HTA). And it doesn't have a gaseous state, at least not in England.

    Known as Aeronautical Porridge (AP) in the Aviation Industry (AI) it is highly volatile around breakfast time. Development was abandoned in the 1920s when engineers turned to cornflakes.

    For further details see Wikipedia.

    1. Ye Gods ! There's always somebody out there who BELIEVES this stuff ! Porridge ! I ask you ! And for your and Wikipedia's information, cornflakes were never used in LTA craft. Emusified bacon rind was tried but without success in 1923.

  2. May I correct Anonymous on the matter of cornflakes in LTA aviation.

    Cornflakes were in fact intended to be used to cross the Atlantic on the R100, but, as they were accidentally eaten for breakfast on the second day, their LTA benefits were not tested. On returning to the UK the airship was dismantled after the R101 crash before a fresh cornflake supply could be obtained.

    For further LTA cornflake details see Wikipedia.

  3. [makes note] This Myverds bloke seems to know what he's talking about. Time to change the subject methinks. I wonder if he's related to old Methane Myverds, pioneer of self-jet propulsion and so tragically lost over Bremen in '42 ?


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