Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Local Artist defaces Painting

Curator of Glossop's Museum of Pictures an' That, Dame Caroline Mouthful, was reported to be shocked beyond belief by local artist Aubrey Spanner's deliberate and admitted defacing of the Museum's recent most controversial acquisition, "Load of Balls" by up-and-coming painter Traci Omen (23).  Mr Spanner is understood to have handed himself in to the Police, claiming to be the Prime Minister and therefore able to do as he pleases.

"Besides", said Mr Spanner, "it is".


  1. I know this guy, I've seen him in our local bookshop, The Works.

  2. Could be Paul, could be. He gets around does Abrey

  3. Indeed, I did hear he was going to move abroad but it was too much of a wrench.


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