Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Following the success of the Facebook Page 'Women who Eat on the Tubes', the Pangolin is proud to announce that its followers can now upload their own pictures of 'Men Picking Their Noses on the Tubes'. Like the ladies' version, all these pictures have been taken without their owners' knowledge or permission and, similarly, are not an attempt to get the rest of us to sneer or otherwise view with contempt.

So, here's a Pangolin first:
Ian Duncan-Smith on the Central Line


  1. Good shot, caught him nicely. Would that be nasal waste smeared on the back of his hand?

  2. Bloody hell ! That's MY hand !

  3. It looks like hog hair to me, John!

  4. John ? Who is John ? You're not referring to Hairy John Finnick, toad-breeder and professional nuisance who was banned from this site months ago are you ?


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