Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cassius Pugnatius Seagull

It came to my attention whilst surfing the airwaves that many of the residents of Bulverhythe had washed their cars. Further along, into TN38 territory, several of those massive mansions on the sea front had been painted stark white - a delicate operation, and I'd been biding my time for several months.

However, now the scaffolding's gone - and my moment has come!

Bombs Awayyyyyy!  Whoosh! Saved the particularly brown pooh for the white buildings and cars, and the white pooh for the poncy black ones.

I noticed a couple of horrid little kids making fake pooh out of toothpaste and soy sauce and putting it on car windscreens. Pathetic little amateurs... I waited til they were engrossed with a BMW and then...



  1. I've been wondering even though Cassius is more of an urban seagull, whether he ever dreams of, "floating peerless o'er an azure sea " ?

  2. I feel I can make 'more of a mark' along the sea front. Yeah, guv, I do dream of "floating peerless o'er an azure sea" especially if one of the street drinkers has left their can of lager open.

  3. Oh. How COMMON !


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