Sunday, 5 July 2015

Thought for the Day, with Justin Webly, more or less Arch of Cant


Justin here.

I write at a time of deep anxiety for the Greek people. Whilst I am no international finance expert, I have to agree with my lady wife’s summary of the dilemma, that being, “damned if you do, damned if you don’t".

Bless her, she is doing her bit to assist Greece’s faltering economy by purchasing substantial quantities of something called ouzo. Sadly, yesterday evening, in a chance coming together with the young man with the wire in his ear’s after-dinner cigar, this potent liquid removed most of his eyebrows. What would Jesus have done? Well, I’d like to think much as we did, with a large bottle of mineral water to douse the flames and then the careful application of mascara, effectively disguising the absence of eyebrows.

There are lessons in everything and all of last week and the rest of this week will see sporting drama unfold here in the capital down in Wimbledon. Once again, and to their great credit, English players carry the Plucky Losers flag, whilst these island’s remaining hope lies on the shoulders of one Andrew Murray, who does, ironically, have a bad shoulder.

So presently, sporting analogies fill the mind, from our women footballers coming so close to Lewis Hamilton achieving something called pole position for the imminent British Grand Prix. And these analogies do so fire the passions. As the young man with the wire in his ear – he of the mascara embellished brows - shouted as Hamilton’s time was announced, “Yes! He’s beaten that German ****ard!”, forgetting perhaps that they are both on the same team.

And, you know, perhaps that team spirit is lacking in Europe. Greece is, after all, part of the European team. Admittedly she told a few fibs to get on to the team in the first place, but now, in her hour of need, surely her fellow team members must come to her aid. Germany, the richest member should show compassion and persuade fellow members to bale out the floundering Greeks. Will she? I think not. Angela Merkel is not Jesus. 

Pip. Pip.


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