Sunday, 28 September 2014

Pangolin Classifieds

Desperately seeking Nelson's nose, missing piece in Heritage Jigsaw (series 7), 50,000-piece (currently 49,999-piece) edition. Urgently needed. PO Box 14, Lamorna Cove, Cornwall.

Ava Gardner lookalike: our eyes met on the Northern line out of Waterloo, 5.49 pm, 6th Nov 1956. I had a new umbrella and glasses steamed up in the crush. We need to talk.
Box 549, Leamington Spa.

Coal-fired 12" lawnmower, furnace door and stove-pipe chimney need some repair. Offers. Fogarty, Stoke Poges.

New home wanted for lifetime collection of used scourer pads (missing years 1947, 1963). Must be kept together. Clackett, Stoke Farthing.

Wanted: pre-war pipe-cleaners. Also ferret thongs. Tussocks, Stoke D'Abernon.

Book now: Uncle Des, clown, entertainer, children's parties, balloons. Available on day release in 4 months' time.

For sale: Napoleon's nose, Heritage Jigsaw piece. Buyer collects. McCuddy, Mainland, Orkney Islands.

Flood damage sale of stamp hinges. For further information sae to Box 105, Aberglochsoggin, Wales.

Trace your Ancestry. Reveal your Royal Lineage. Registered expert, formerly Garter Poursuivant in the College of Ordinaries, able to trace all lines back to Thangwin the Fecund, King of Mercia. Box 19c, Wolverhampton.

Pet Portraits. Your pet immortalised in oils. Stick insects a speciality. Joshua Raynolds, The Studio, Stationside, Croydon.

Need a new life? Want to break into publishing? Swap with me. Anything considered. Contact Editor of Small Ads, Pangolin Villas.

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  1. I may have mis-read something here, but I have a pair of ferret tongs for sale.
    Hardlie - Werfitt


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