Monday, 8 September 2014

Pangolin Book Reviews

With Philippa Phinch

Dr Anselm Furtling. 1764pp Published by Lockjaw and Crowsfoot. £130.00

This is a startling book, not only for its weight – flimsy coffee table owners beware – but for its often technical explanation of the true nature of dust, for example, “Dust is bits of stuff which float about the place and needs to be got rid of in case relatives see it".

Dr Furtling tackles dust head on. He has a carefully catalogued collection at his home in Glossop. He takes no prisoners, saying “I have a tea-caddy full of dust from Buckingham Palace. Thorough analysis reveals it to be identical to samples taken at the local homeless hostel. Which is why I am a lifelong socialist.“ 

Elena Throat 82pp Published by Flabbre and Ghast £7.99

Toby is a deeply unpleasant 30 something who is utterly lazy. He smells quite a bit and picks his nose all the time. Without giving too much away, in the end he dies, crushed beneath a ten foot mollusc. Not one for the faint-hearted.

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