Friday, 23 May 2014

Cassius Pugnatius Seagull

Well - due to storms (and a really cool roller-coaster ride for me and my mates as the winds took us up an down and up an down. Wheeeeee!) a few months ago, the coastline has changed somewhat along our beloved StLeonardsanHastings corner.

Yes, just below Azur there are now funny little rocky bits exposed at low tide. This is a Good Thing as it's a permanent supply of tasty snacks, whilst hitherto I've contented myself with dive-bombing people sipping cocktails on the verandah.

However, some of those humanoids seemed to have got married, and horrid little girls in fairy dresses and horrid little boys in velvet overcoats were posing in amongst the rocks whilst another one was photographing them. Hahahhahahahahha... did I give "Watch the Birdie!" a new dimension. Plop! Strafe! Squeeeeze!

It cannot be said that I didn't contribute to the whiteness of their white wedding. Fnaar!

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  1. Why is your impression of the herring gull so skewed towards excretory activity ? In fact, herring gulls do NOT pooh all the time. Sometimes, they are asleep.
    Yours etc.,
    Nellie Boomtarara
    RSPB, Glossop.


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