Sunday, 22 December 2013

Pangolin Christmas Gifts - Exclusive!!!

What to buy the Man Who Has Everything? THE eternal problem.  Not any more! Designed by the same gormless team which wants to spend billions on HS2, the Thing on Wheels with Lots of Tubes solves the problem.  Like HS2 it doesn't really do anything useful but costs loads (£934.99 plus VAT). Your bloke will sit for hours trying to work out what TWLT is actually FOR before falling into a dreamless sleep. (Batteries, 769 x A2s not included).

Hooterclag begone!  Clean noses for all the family! With the all-new, scientifically tested KLEENCONK bathroom accessory you can rest assured that all your loved ones' noses are clean on the inside as well as the outside. Comes with four nozzles and full instructions.

(Caution: KLEENCONK suction is very strong. Should the user's brains become dislodged, push gently back into place through the ear, with pencil or similar.)

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