Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Second Thought from Justin...

At the time of going to press – as I’m told its called – with my last Thought for the Day, our dear own, our very dear own Duchess of Cambridge lay in that painful vale of tears that is childbirth whilst the country prayed as one body for her and her unborn child. So I thought best not to comment. But now ! Ah, but now, how the bells of our heart peal. How they peal – ringing out the carillons  of celebration in a country where the Common Folk are delirious with unbounded joy that so fair a maiden has become the saintly mother we had all prayed for. Hallelujah!

Pip! Pip!

Yours affectionately,

Justin Webly
More or Less Arch. of Cant.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah,yeah, that's all very well - getting all dewy-eyed over a woman having a baby - but I'm afraid that whilst we've all been knitting bootees, the RCs have really done one on you Justin. The Pope's just had one almighty knees-up on Copacabana beach , no less, with thousands of locals all giving it what for. Great publicity and something you're going to have to top pdq. Maybe a Wonga confrontation in Hyde Park; massed choirs; scary readings from Revelations - that sort of thing.


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