Sunday, 7 July 2013

Baseball Caps Shrivel Brains Shock Findings!

Dr P J Whimbrel – no stranger to Pangolin regulars – and a team of researchers from Glossop University yesterday submitted his eagerly anticipated report on the effects of wearing a baseball cap to the General Medical Council.

Dr Whimbrel takes up the story…
Some seven years ago, encouraged by my friend and colleague Professor Anna Prongg, I assembled a team of neutral, non-judgemental scientists whose task it was to establish once and for all why in God’s name some people (mainly men) think that wearing a baseball cap makes them look cool. Are they stupid, or what? The carefully collated and checked results are staggering. These deluded losers wear baseball caps because they ARE stupid. And through the continued wearing of these items are becoming gradually more stupid. In only one instance in the 2 billion people studied was the wearing of a baseball cap deemed justified. The subject in question was a baseball player.” (Cont. p.127)

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