Saturday, 6 July 2013

Pangolin Society Pages: press night for Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada, Diddly-dum at Glossop Museum of Pictures an' That.

Amélie Jus d'Orange and some random bloke reminisce about the evening's entertainment
Everyone loves a good preview, with a proper punchup, and Glossop Museum of Pictures an' That never fails to delight on that front. The exhibition featured the work of Denzil Drinkingstraws - well known local plumber and psychopath - Simian Sibthorpe - and his amazing gyrating tapeworm - and Amélie Jus d'Orange, chiefly renowned for her rare collection of exotic headlice. The evening kicked off when Denzil lobbed a large plate of raspberry pavlova at one of the Lord Mayor's bully boys, an effete but totally deadly individual by the name of Zero, who responded by launching a land-to-air missile at the Museum's only remaining chandelier. Then it all started to get lively. 

The St John's Ambulance crew nailed several planks of wood over the entrance so that nobody could escape. Their spokesman, Genevieve Turdlangton (64) explained: "We prefers just to let 'em get on with it. We'll sort out any survivors tomorrow afternoon, you know, give 'em a cup of tea an' that."

All in all, another spectacular victory for Glossop!


  1. I have tolerated The Pangolin's childish, crass attitude to contemporary art for quite long enough. It would seem that your writers automatically poke not very clever fun at any things they don't understand. Those things are legion.
    And your vilification of Glossop is cowardly and completely uncalled for.
    I have therefore, taken legal advice with a view to suein' yo ass right off, 'bro.
    Beverly Heaver
    Nice Things Editor
    The Peoples' Friend
    Cucumber House
    Scones Row

  2. Vilification of Glossop? VILIFICATION OF GLOSSOP? How very dare you!

    Why, Glossop can boast the largest number of violent affrays per head of population of anywhere north of Watford Gap (with the possible exception of Glasgow), and this is a tradition of which we are rightly proud.

    The Museum of Pictures an' That is a centre of excellence for this kind of cultural activity - events which most heritage centres can only dream about.


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