Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pangolin Obituaries

Thomas Xerxes Gobwit Sept 1930 – April 2013

The death is announced of Tommy Gobwit, native of Glossop (Derbs) and generally acknowledged to be the most unsuccessful novelist of all time. Mr Gobwit wrote at least 1,400 novels all of which are described by a Harper Collins spokesperson as “unutterably dreadful”.

He is seen here threatening to stuff “I Love Brenda Hargreaves” down said spokesperson’s throat outside Harper Collins’ London offices.

Neighbours said of Mr Gobwit, “Well, it’ll be more peaceful around here with him gone. He was a bloody loony.”

Gladys Maud Dent August 1929 – April 2013

Known locally as "The Gas Lady", Gladys Maud Dent was a familiar sight to Glossop shoppers as she scurried back home to El Alamien Terrace to make sure she’d turned it off. Our picture captures her in a moment of indecision. A council official commented, "El Alamien Terrace went all–electric in 1988"

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