Sunday, 19 May 2013

On This Day

Three Years Ago

Lawyers were appointed to represent both sides in the long-running dispute between the parish councils of Belvoir Inferior and Belvoir Superior over the correct alignment of wheelie-bins on collection day. According to leading counsel Jeremy Snyde QC (of the law firm Snyde, Snyde, Smoothe & Snyde), this was a classic case of Aliquod hic in driveia bargitate, hoc in gutteram bargetote.

Six Years Ago

Residents of a district of Stevenage recorded a 73% drop in reported crime (burglary, vandalism and public nuisance offences) in their area in the 12 months following their adoption of a Neighbourhood Witch scheme.

Eight Years Ago

The narrow streets of Clodby, Northants were thronged with crowds come to enjoy the traditional festivities in the village taking place on Dead Sock Monday. The annual procession attracted a record turnout of locals bearing lone socks and mystery items from the sock drawer. Two happy couples were re-united and possible partners found for three others. Gladys Gumthorpe of Listeria Cottage was crowned Sock Queen and, for the third year running, the Athlete's Foot Competition was won by local swimming instructor Clint Ploshing. There was face painting for the children.


  1. I do believe that "bargetote" should in fact be "bargetotum"

  2. How right you are - from a Classical Latin point of view. However, what may appear to some as a slip-up in the quoted words of Jeremy Snyde was, of course, no such thing, being instead the correct form of the subjunctive pretorite in demotic usage, as regularly heard by Mr Snyde during his sojourns in Umbria. Further correspondence on this matter, carrying with it due risk of libel writ, should be addressed to the Clerk at Chambers, Snyde, Snyde, Smoothe & Snyde.


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