Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pangolin Poetry Corner

Snowy bit: "Field-with-snow-champ-enneige" by Emmanuel Boutet; gloves belong to snowmen

In Winter, when snow lies thick on the ground
It means buried snowmen
Are waiting to be found.

A Digger

Home Thoughts from A Wardrobe

Jobe, jobe, the fantling gront,
Perteeny and bonglip blancmange,
All blibbsy and clangthump with westerly airs
Astride a great noble faranjie

Parnsfeldt, parnsfeldt, pogniart and Crilp,
The fuming, umniant Snobberly,
Winky, wonky spune and blort
My puny, disgraceful throbberly.

And so to unsqueam
With gernackers thribed
Jermin, all jermin and boncefeel
Woggarts gripped and pules ascribed
Aligroaty! Aligroaty! My funtsgreel!

A.J Nostrille


  1. The lovely, moving poetry reminded me of something or other, but I can't remember what it is.

    Joan Albermarle [Mrs. 47]

  2. Reminded you of something or other, Mrs Albermarle? It's been lifted, every line, from Robbie Burns.

    G. Snoadling [Mr]


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