Sunday, 4 January 2015

Cassius Pugnatius Seagull

As January continues to roll onwards, a gull must move with the times, adapt, grow and become at one with the environment. A fine example of a gull in touch with her spiritual core is Doris, who sent us this video from her holiday in Devon:

She reckons she narrowly escaped prosecution by singing to the examining Magistrate who then opened a window to let her out.

She and her mate Beryl have perfected the art of the Cornish Pasty (more prevalent in the South West peninsula than round these parts). One of them will swoop down and apparently attempt to grab a pasty being eaten by one of those grockle types, who will then pull it out of the way and hide it behind his/her back. But THIS is the real sting: the other one will be loitering, all innocent-like, behind the aforementioned back... like taking candy from a baby so they tell me.

And the song of the grockle thus fleeced is apparently wild and picturesque enough to rival one of our own in the mating season!

So happy hunting, thieving, pillaging and spreading of litter for 2015!

1 comment:

  1. I wonder if the seagull featured in your video had been suitably scrubbed before being allowed into the shop. Seagulls frequent some pretty dirty places and should always be scrubbed vigorously before being allowed to steal food.
    Cyril Birrel
    St Ives Health and Safety


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