Thursday, 13 November 2014

Thought for the Day, from Justin Webly, more or less Arch of Cant


Justin here. And as Mother Nature turns her leaf-garlanded head towards the Autumnal changes wrought by God’s almighty hand, our thoughts dwell on another year slowly approaching its end on Time’s interminable railway line.
What has this year meant to me? Have I used it well?

I suppose I can draw some satisfaction from the fact that a certain moneylending company has recently had its greedy wings clipped without my having to take up the young man with the wire in his ear’s offer to “go put the frighteners on ‘em"
In other areas I have been less successful. One in particular causes me sadness. I speak of the cruel cross-party jibes at young Mr Ed. Miliband, the Leader of the Opposition. I have met him on several occasions and whilst I would prefer him to be a practising Christian, have always found him to be polite, informed and friendly. In fact I have on more than one occasion chastised the young man with the wire in his ear for calling Mr Miliband  “Wallace”. Not being a follower of animated cartoons, I thought he was referring to the divorced wife of a long - abdicated King.
Nevertheless, jokes about Mr Miliband’s physical imperfections really must stop. Not only are they hurtful, but can affect the rest of one’s life. Why, I remember one such unfortunate from my prep school days; poor old Odd-lug Theobald who had one normal flat ear and another which stuck out at right-angles. He really suffered at the hands of cruel children, especially in cold weather when the offending appendage was flicked by every passing pupil. Eventually, upon gaining adulthood, Theobald went to live in the Arctic with a group of Inuit so that he could wear a hood at all times.
But Mr Miliband has nowhere to hide in the ruthless world of party politics. Like Michael Foot before him, he must grin and bear it. What would Jesus have done, I wonder? I do not know, but I think that Our Lord might well note that many of the reprehensible comments about Mr Miliband come from our classically handsome, dentally perfect and beautifully voiced Prime Minister. Whilst the Mayor of London has cast aspersions too, these really don’t count and belong in the pot calling the kettle drawer. But Mr Cameron, safe in the knowledge that he is the best-looking Prime Minister in political history really should know better.

Pip, pip,


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