Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Latest Acquisition by Glossop Museum of Pictures an' That

Amazing Sprouting Onion, Languedoc, 1889


  1. Well, I notice that there haven't been ANY comments about anything for AGES ! So I thought I would. I don't know anything about sprouting onions, but am very keen on Tea Dances and have organised quite a few at our Village Hall.
    Ida Swigg [Mrs., 68]

  2. Are you sure this picture is shown the right way round? A print of it hung in my grandparents' house the other way up. It was titled 'The Perils of Alcohol', but was known to all the family as 'Young William Hague Throwing Up after His 16th Pint'.

    Enid Smolt, Torquay.

  3. It's interesting you should mention this, as there's another version of the same painting - if you can imagine this one lain on its side, in a landscape, rather than a portrait format - entitled "I Wish I'd Never Eaten That Curry".

    I'm absolutely fascinated by your account of the masterpiece enjoyed by your grandparents.

    Desmond Bollock-Hare


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