Monday, 30 June 2014

From the Pangolin Film Archive:


  1. I believe the gentleman on the left is, in fact, a woodwork teacher, dressed as he is in the standard woodwork teacher's brown coat. Woodwork teachers often carried a wide variety tools about their persons and I strongly suspect that the "unfortunate fold " referred to in the photograph is caused by a three-quarter inch Halliwell & Fairburn fecking chisel and not the gentleman's willy.
    Yours etc.,
    Ted Smoothie,
    [ex- HoD Woodwork, Lurcher Rd., Sec Mod., Glossop]

  2. I'm not so sure you're right about this, Mr Smoothie. The old Halliwell & Fairburn I used to play with had more of a kink in it.

    Yours etc

    Norman Throbe
    (former Head of Technology, Petherhyde Junior School.)

  3. Now I think about it, you might be right Norman, although perhaps I should point out that Halliwell and Fairburns produced during WW2, whilst quite straight when new, often developed a distinct kink in later life due to wartime austerity measures dictating the use of softer Swedish gobwood in the handles rather than the traditional Italian parrafino timber. I do remember my own H&F three-quarter inch job would kink markedly if I fiddled with it too much in my early days, back in the 50s at Lurcher Rd.

  4. wel i still think its is willy har har har

    maisie tonkers (aged10)

  5. That sort of comment proves two things. One; you're a repulsive child, and two; females have little or no understanding of the finer points of tool management.
    Ron Smoothie

  6. fock arf

    maisie tonkers (aged 10)

  7. Out of the mouths of [repulsive] babes.


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